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Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

NO : 08
 My Last Holiday

            I just spent my holiday at home. It’s bored but I want to not doing anything until one day my coach send a massage for me and tells me about next festival, we has been invited Bosmat cabaret to join the next festival. This festival called “KABUKI”  this is the biggest festival in west java. After I accept this massage, I feel so happy because its time to invite my friend to watch my performance.
            In the first day, I left home to go training at basecamp. I am happy because I can meet up with singlet all star. When I arrived at basecamp I don’t see anyone there,  I think they will be late to came but I has been waiting until 4:00 pm and no one else come.
            In the second day I went to basecamp again to join the practice, and I just met my partner salman and my coach. Because all team not come, so we starts make a concept and story line. We will perform the story with  comedy themes and the tittled is “Agent 00N”. In this festival we must make a new concept using a light at costume and property to make the perfect  performance. But when we will start a practice, all member not come to join us at kabuki, so we announce to anyone people “It will be the last performance at KABUKI”

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