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Rabu, 25 November 2015

My Vacation in Floating Market

         Last year I was on vacation with my friends at the floating market, where we spend the time to play. I'm going to use a car to get there. It's took 2 hour form my house, and I really could not wait for play all of many rides.


       When we got there I immediately bought a ticket and it takes a long time. After getting a ticket, the ticket can be exchanged for a drink when he arrived at the front entrance. After admission, the mother has been preparing for a ticket at a variety of rides. First I want to go see a miniature train. there are a variety of different train route.     

       After that I took my sister and friends to enter the breeding of rabbits, there I was given 3 carrots to feed the rabbits. there are an awful lot of young rabbits to mature. I caught a rabbit in black with white stripes on the body. The rabbit is fat and voraciously I really like the rabbit, if only I could be purchased and maintained at home for sure I will be cool to play with the rabbits all day. 
      After that we are taking a break while eating together, do not forget we take pictures after lunch hahahaha. then we get a lunch and take a some picture, we continued the activity by feeding the fish and play water train rides. It was the most fun because there I can see the whole area of ​​the floating market.        

     After playing water train, my brother and I played mini tricycles. When I rode the mini tricycles, when I rode tricycles around the floating market, I saw some statues of animals such as deer, rabbits, lions, and many more. it makes like being on safari parks with a wild animals.
     Because time was getting late and the mother was getting tired, finally we are in a hurry to go home. Although there are still many of rides that we have not visited and I have not had time to buy souvenirs.

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