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Rabu, 25 November 2015

My School Live

     My name is
 Fauzi Fahri Yakub, now I sit in class X-8 SCIENCES at 3 senior high school, I was from 2 junior high schoolI guess teacher will be fierce and to be working on the problem and the task quickly, but it turns out his cool while giving material. It's just that it's true the word people, 3 of high school assignments. An awful lot of the given task each day.


       When I entered this great school, written sentences in front of the gate which made me think for a moment. on the wall writted "knowledge is power, but character is more". I think that high school prioritize  characters to build a superior children. Because many people are smart, but his character is direspectful.

        I think that high school 3 is school of smart student. Maybe I'm not smart, but I have an excess. And it is true in high school 3 is where smart student competing. But the school that imagine the cool place to play while learning it turns out to be not as my mind. This place is the place to competition, it's not the place to study and learn because all student are the best of the best student at our junior high school. Many activities of high school 3 which is really a pity if missed. 

        In addition I had thought that I would be difficult to make friends with the any student of senior high school 3. Maybe they are arrogant, so it will be hard to get new friends. But when I entered the class of X science 8 all of my mind was wrong. As it turns out, they are good friends. In fact I met again with Reyhan Widya R, my classmates in 8 grade at 2 junior high school. there are also friends Naafi, he joined cabaret with me when the day of graduation.

       They are smart student but I'm not going to stop, I also get to like them. Smart student, loses son who diligently. My days are still long, I can certainly exceed them. And last, it's the best day ever because one day we all have a plan for meet and great with our seior. We all sharing experience in 3 senior high school, many happy and sad story at this place.

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