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Senin, 16 November 2015

That's Me

           My name is Fahri Fauzi Yakub, you can call me Fahri or Yakub. I was born at bandung on 19 june 2000, and now i was 15 years old. I live at AH Nasution street No. 140. I was the first child of 4 brothers. 2 younger brother and 1 younger sister. His name are Faisal, Iqbal, and hasna.

           My hoby is playing football and drawing. My daily activities are study at school, go home, playing game, watch a movie, and then sleep, That’s what I do everyday.

           In the morning I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and then I take a shower. After that, sometimes I went to the mosque for praying shubuh. But if I can’t, I’m praying at home. After pray, I prepared breakfast, and the went to school. After school, I always training kabaret at 3:00 pm and I got back home at 5:00 pm. at 6 pm I went to learn islam and pray maghrib until finish of praying isya at home. After learning islam, I study for the lessons tomorrow. And then sleep.
My activities at night are woke up at 00:00 o’clock for getting prays tahajud and read al-quran. After finish, I open my pc and play game. I like stronghold, that is game of crusaders. I can build my castle, setting strategy, and war. I always playing this game after prays tahajud for refreshing. At 2:00 am I went to sleep again.

I really like acting, so I joined the community of cabaret in my house. The name of the community that is the SINGLET “Sindanglaya Of  Cabaret” because my house is indeed in sindanglaya. There I learned a lot from acting, make a setting, make a cotumes, choreogrhaphy, and fill out the sound. Sometimes I make a costum design for fill a free time. In addition, I like traveling for take some picture. I had a dream of being the best painter, but mom said to me don’t  be a painter for career.

It's my costume what I make.  
August 23, singlet will perform at Arafatea festival with theme of tea. Because of its theme its of tea, so the story will we show is the caterpillar with the tittle of it was “Defending Of the Tea”. Me and my friends at the post to create the setting and costumes. We make the setting as the game dota version caterpillar hahahaha. With the backing of large rocks and some of the tea tree. Me and my friends doing it all in one week.

 We practice twice a week because I had school in the morning and return home late in the afternoon. We practice in the open field, uneven surfaces make us difficult to move.

  23 August 2015, where today is the day I’d been waiting for. When arriving at the Dago Tea House, I see many people who set up settings and costumes which will be displayed later. I’m so scared because my adversaries are older cabaret community like BengsasX, Poster, Teplas, Lampion, and many more. Maybe singlet is a new community, but I and my friends dare to appear different from the other. I believe that, singlet has advantages.

Singlet performed sequence to 10 but undershit must make all the audience saying “WOW” because we are different.

 This is a picture taken before we perform. Our role as an evil warrior and I was his commander. All the costumes we wear is a costume that I made.

This picture taken when our performances.

The announcement of the categories and winner have arrived, this was a stressful and awkward momments. The results of the assessment of the commite is a singlet as nominated best artistic, best director, and best story line. The announcement of the first winner is singlet, 2nd BengsasX, and 3rd are Poster.

This picture take after the announcement

Thank you friend, because of you I can be a lot of experience and I'm very happy with you all. That is me in cabaret activities. If you want to see one of the performances of Singlet, click this link!

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